Tomisin Olukoga joins QV as Scientist, Cancer Biology

January 23

The team keeps on growing! ?

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Tomisin in the role of Scientist, Cancer Biology ??

Tomisin is a cell biologist with experience in DNA damage repair mechanisms, the DNA damage response and their relation to mitotic cell cycle regulation. Upon achieving his PhD from the Genome Damage & Stability Centre at the University of Sussex, where he conducted research into the three-dimensional DNA damage response and its effect on local chromatin function, Tomisin gained 4 further years of original research experience as a postdoctoral research fellow. In this role he focused on the interplay between the mis-regulation of mitosis and faithful chromosome segregation, with subsequent investigation into how mitosis-associated DNA damage may initiate cancer genome evolution. As QV Bioelectronics’ cancer biologist, Tomisin runs pre-clinical testing of our innovative electric field therapy technology as applied to the treatment of #glioblastoma and other neuro-oncological conditions.