Delivering Longer, Better Quality Lives for Brain Tumour Patients

Clinical Applications

Glioblastoma is our first target indication but we also have the intention of developing a pipeline of other neuro-oncology indications in the future.

Glioblastoma is the most common primary brain cancer in adults and the most lethal1

It is an incredibly treatment-resistant cancer, with limited options available to patients2

5-year survival rate despite intensive treatment that includes surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy3

Of primary brain tumours are classified as Glioblastoma4

Innovation in the space has been lagging behind other cancer treatments for decades5

Since the last major breakthrough in glioblastoma treatment6

Median overall survival for glioblastoma patients with the current standard of care7

Glioblastoma can occur in any age group, with the frequency of cases increasing with age8

Over 3,000 new cases in the UK alone every year9

Electric Field Therapy

Electric Field Therapy is a new modality in treating cancer.

Utilising electrical fields at specific frequencies can interrupt normal cancer cell growth cycles, slowing down tumour growth.

This mechanism has been approved for and has demonstrated its clinical efficacy in glioblastoma.

At QV Bioelectronics, our aim is to develop the full potential of this technology.



Glioma Resection Advanced
Cavity Electric field therapy

GRACE is an innovative implanted device that delivers electric field therapy directly to the tumour resection margins, where 90% of GBM recurrence takes place

By delivering through an implant, GRACE will aim to deliver long, better quality lives for GBM patients by providing continuous therapy while minimising its effect on patient quality of life.

*GRACE is an experimental device not currently approved for human use and is still several years away from being utilised in the clinic.


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