New Team Member: ?Dr Ashwin Narayanan!?

November 2

United may have signed Ronaldo, but QV has signed someone even better!

We’re delighted to welcome our newest #teammember
?Dr Ashwin Narayanan!?

Ashwin is a cancer research scientist with over a decade’s experience in glioma biology. Following his PhD in neurobiology from the University of Insubria, Italy, he recently completed his second postdoctoral research on unravelling the genomic landscape of IDH mutated gliomas at a single-cell level from University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany. His research over the years has focussed on various aspects of glioma biology, be it transcriptional, metabolic or epigenetics.

A former Marie Curie Fellow, Ashwin is passionate about bringing novel/effective therapeutic approaches towards gliomas, especially since the last breakthrough was decades ago. In his role as the Principal Glioma Scientist, he will be running the pre-clinical division at QV and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to achieve clinical translation of the therapeutic modality.