We are delighted to announce that Dr Nimrah Munir has joined QV as our Principal Biomaterials Scientist. Dr Munir is a bioengineer with expertise in biomaterial production and characterisation. Following on from her undergraduate degree in Applied Pharmacology, where she received The Royal Society of Biology top student award (2015) at Queen Margaret University, Nimrah completed her PhD in Bioengineering at the University of Edinburgh.

Her work focused on manipulating scaffold architectures to obtain scaffolds that are mechanically and structurally similar to the native cartilage. This was with a particular focus on  integrating various biological factors to influence cellular performance. During her PhD she published her work in several journals, presented her work at various national and international conferences. She also received the SULSA Postdoctoral and Early Career Research Exchange (PECRE) grant (2018) which supported her international collaboration research project in Canada. I n this new role as a biomaterial scientist, she will be at the forefront in the development of innovative electrotherapy devices in treating glioblastoma.